Wilma Kuipers Honored with the “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders” Award at IFAH Dubai, 2019.

2 min readJan 22, 2020


Dubai — December 16, 2019 — CEO and Founder of Bleds Healthcare, Wilma Kuipers received the “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders” award for her contributions to the healthcare industry at IFAH — International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (formerly known as the Smart Health Conference). The international conference was held at Le Meridien, Dubai on December 16–18, 2019.

As the owner of Bleds Healthcare, Ms. Kuipers envisages a future where patients have access to affordable and quality home-based treatment plans. An innovative healthcare company, it plans to transform the healthcare industry through the flexible deployment of specially trained paramedical professionals and innovative use of technologies.

Prior to Bleds Healthcare, Ms. Kuipers worked as a nurse and a business administrator, working with suffering patients, healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals. She has proven expertise in the fields of business development, executive coaching, change management, mediation and conflict resolution. She is also associated with Ayin Holding BV as a business coach.

The “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders” award is a recognition conceptualized by IFAH to felicitate individuals for ideating innovations in healthcare. A subsidiary of Prism Events, IFAH aims to set a standard of excellence in the realm of healthcare services and delivery by honoring the brightest leaders and organizations from all around the world. With the three-day conference coming to a successful end, IFAH is planning to organize biannual conferences with the hope to further establish its presence in Asia-Pacific and MENA nations.

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